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’13th’ as a Call—and a Tool—to Connect the Past and Present of Mass Incarceration

Director Ava DuVernay avoids focusing on individual scapegoats to show viewers the cumulative effects of the racism that continues to drive policies of mass incarceration and mass criminalization. Even so, however, the film has a few flaws: namely, the absence of women's stories and those of activists working to change and overcome that culture of mass criminalization.


While Studios Protect Trump, They Hire Another Alleged Abuser to Host ‘The Apprentice’

MGM, NBC, and The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett have been using what may be shaky legal arguments to protect Donald Trump from the release of tapes many say further reveal racist and misogynistic attitudes of the GOP's presidential nominee. Now it turns out they will relaunch the show in January with a new host, former California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has also been accused of allegedly groping women on "movie sets, in studios, and in other settings."