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What’s the End Game for Trump’s Baseless Voter Fraud Obsession?

Ally Boguhn

The Trump administration's fact-free voter fraud claims can be traced to the post-Civil War era, when “efforts to impinge criminality and lack of valid citizenships on African Americans were used to justify a myriad of restrictions that many states put ultimately into their constitutions," said Denise Lieberman of the Advancement Project.


Arkansas Anti-Choice Bills Pass With Bipartisan Support

Teddy Wilson

“This bill intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship by requiring doctors to become investigators and patients their suspects, and it does nothing to address the root causes of gender discrimination and bias,” said Ashley Wright, public policy manager for Planned Parenthood Great Plains.


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CHOICE/LESS – Cherisse Scott: So Why Am I Here?

Fourteen years ago, Cherisse Scott was a singer finishing a national tour. The career she'd worked so hard for all her life was about to blossom. Then an unplanned pregnancy and a trip to what she thought was an abortion clinic changed all of that. Listen to her story on this episode of CHOICE/LESS.

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“Something feels very different and all I can say is that prior to this administration, I don’t ever remember receiving scared phone calls about bus stop raids, or ICE knocking down someone’s door to find someone and then targeting everyone else," said Victor Del Pino, a criminal defense attorney who practices immigration law.

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