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Boom! Lawyered: Day Two of William Barr’s Confirmation Hearings

In the second and final day of confirmation hearings for Attorney General nominee William Barr, witnesses testified both for and against his nomination. Some of it was fluff, but some of it was fire. Rewire.News legal eagles Imani Gandy and Jessica Mason Pieklo break down the key takeaways as a confirmation vote draws near.

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The Antichrist Trap: Trump Isn’t the Whole Story

Peter Laarman

Far too many of our self-anointed progressive saviors speak as though Trump’s overthrow will make everything good again. A bargain-priced plastic surgeon might want to convince us that removing a large carbuncle will render our face entirely beautiful, but can that kind of pitch really be trusted?

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[Photo: Dr. Leana Wen, President of Planned Parenthood, smiles during a conversation about reproductive care and sex education.]

"The last thing I would want is people to get the impression that we are backing off of our core services."

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