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The Breach: How the United States Is Poisoning Native American Communities

Award-winning journalist Suzette Brewer discusses the issues facing Native American communities in the era of President Donald Trump. At reservations all over the country, water is being poisoned as toxins from mines seep into the local water supplies. And now the Trump administration wants to dramatically increase drilling on public lands, putting even more tribes at risk.

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The tale of Grace—an Irish immigrant and servant accused of a heinous crime in 19th-century Canada—is a story of women who endured sexual violence, back-alley abortions, life in a new land, and sometimes lived to tell their story. But sometimes, they lived out someone else's incomplete history.

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How Feminist Porn Is Traversing the Mainstream

S. Nicole Lane

Porn is powerful, but mainstream porn can often exploit and ignore ethical values. Now, a new wave of feminist porn, following in the footsteps of 1980s trailblazers, is serving as the lodestar for consent—for representing safe, communicative sex.