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In Case You’re Wondering, Groping Is Illegal

Hannah Harris Green

One argument that has come up again and again—both in relationship to Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and other men accused of sexual—is that we are lumping all kinds of harassment and assault into the same category. In their attempts to defend these men, writers, commentators, and even their colleagues end up miscategorizing the behavior themselves.

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What Else Happened? Job Market Discrimination and Tiny House Activism

Regina and Kat discuss the news about indigenous activists building tiny houses to stop another pipeline, the discrimination women can face on the job market, and the obstacles Black Boston residents must overcome when accessing health care. Plus, Kat talks to Kathy Bougher about an injustice in El Salvador.

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You might have heard of Lack most recently in the case of Sam Seder, who was fired by MSNBC this week a day after conspiracy theorist, misogynist, and rape apologist Mike Cernovich started a campaign to smear Seder based on a seven-year-old tweet.

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