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CHOICE/LESS – Marching Toward Gilead: The Rise of American Theocracy, Part I

Roy Moore lost, but barely. And his theocratic vision for the country lives on through Operation Save America (OSA). In this two-part audio documentary, CHOICE/LESS host Jenn Stanley and Rewire investigative reporter Sofia Resnick team up to reveal the alarming ways OSA’s far-right ideology is worming its way into state and federal government.

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“[Republicans] know they cannot achieve this goal of the anti-choice movement in the light of day, since it has failed every time it has been in front of the voters."

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How Feminist Porn Is Traversing the Mainstream

S. Nicole Lane

Porn is powerful, but mainstream porn can often exploit and ignore ethical values. Now, a new wave of feminist porn, following in the footsteps of 1980s trailblazers, is serving as the lodestar for consent—for representing safe, communicative sex.