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We'll Hear Arguments: Subscribe Now for the Full Season on February 25!

Jessica Mason Pieklo & Imani Gandy

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More about this series:

Millions of people feel passionately about Roe v. Wade. And yet how many of us can explain it? What arguments were made for—and against—the constitutional right to an abortion? Who made them? How did the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court react? Which ideas won the day and why?

The first season of We’ll Hear Arguments takes you inside the Supreme Court for the surprisingly dramatic arguments of Roe. v. Wade. Join Rewire.News legal experts Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy as they analyze and explain the case that shapes U.S. politics to this day.

All five episodes of We’ll Hear Arguments will be released February 25. Subscribe at the links above today!