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CHOICE/LESS — Angelique Saavedra: Will My Daughter Understand Me?

Jenn Stanley

Adoption is often painted as the the more ethical alternative to abortion. But both adoption and abortion are reproductive choices that are deeply personal and aren’t made lightly. Placing moral superiority on one choice over another is bad for all people involved, as it erases their lived experiences and unique narratives. And society can’t make adoption better if it can be taboo to speak about it honestly.

Today’s storyteller, Angelique Saavedra, knows this all too well. She’s a birth mother herself, and she tells her story so that other birth mothers know they don’t have to be invisible. Their experiences matter.

This is the last episode of our second season. CHOICE/LESS will be back in a few months, but in the meantime, please rate and review the show on iTunes, tell your friends about it, and post it on your angry uncle’s Facebook wall. Let voters and politicians know that when they debate reproductive rights, they’re debating the existence, personal decisions, and goodness of real people with myriad experiences who are just trying to do what’s best for themselves and their families.

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