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Name State Legislative Body
A. Donald McEachin Virginia Virginia General Assembly
A. Nino Vitale Ohio Ohio General Assembly
A. Shane Massey South Carolina South Carolina Legislature
A.B. Franklin Louisiana Louisiana Legislature
A.G. Crowe Louisiana Louisiana Legislature
Aaron Armstrong
Aaron Bean Florida Florida Legislature
Aaron Bernstine Pennsylvania Pennsylvania General Assembly
Aaron Freeman Indiana Indiana General Assembly
Aaron Martin
Aaron Miller Michigan Michigan Legislature
Aaron Pilkington Arkansas Arkansas General Assembly
Aaron Stewart
Aaron Vega Massachusetts Massachusetts General Court
Abby Finkenauer Iowa Iowa General Assembly
Abigail Toth
Abigail Whelan Minnesota Minnesota State Legislature
Abraham Rafie Kansas Kansas State Legislature
Adam Brown Illinois Illinois General Assembly
Adam Doerr
Adam Driggs Arizona Arizona State Legislature
Adam Giangreco
Adam Jarchow Wisconsin Wisconsin State Legislature
Adam Koenig Kentucky Kentucky General Assembly
Adam Neylon Wisconsin Wisconsin State Legislature
Adam P. Ebbin Virginia Virginia General Assembly
Adam Smith Kansas Kansas State Legislature
Adam Zemke Michigan Michigan Legislature
Addia Wuchner Kentucky Kentucky General Assembly
Addie Russell New York New York Legislature
Adelaide Eckardt Maryland Maryland General Assembly
Adrian Smith Federal
Agostinho F. Silva Rhode Island Rhode Island General Assembly
Aileen Gunther New York New York Legislature
Al Adinolfi Connecticut Connecticut General Assembly
Al Davis Nebraska Nebraska Legislature
Al Koistinen South Dakota
Al Landis Ohio Ohio General Assembly
Al Melvin Arizona Arizona State Legislature
Al Novstrup South Dakota South Dakota State Legislature
Alan Baker Alabama Alabama Legislature
Alan Casavant Maine Maine Legislature
Alan Clark Arkansas Arkansas General Assembly
Alan D. Clemmons South Carolina South Carolina Legislature
Alan Hanks South Dakota
Alan Harper Alabama Alabama Legislature
Alan Morrison Indiana Indiana General Assembly
Alan Nunnelee Federal
Alan Olsen Oregon Oregon Legislative Assembly
Alan Powell Georgia Georgia General Assembly
Alan Seabaugh Louisiana Louisiana Legislature
Alan Silvia Massachusetts Massachusetts General Court
Alan Solano South Dakota South Dakota State Legislature
Alana Christine Hake
Albert Hale Arizona Arizona State Legislature
Albert Olszewski Montana Montana Legislature
Albert Reeves Georgia Georgia General Assembly
Albert Robinson Kentucky Kentucky General Assembly
Albert Stirpe New York New York Legislature
Alberta Darling Wisconsin Wisconsin State Legislature
Alberta Gardner Alaska Alaska State Legislature
Alberta Tinsley Talabi Michigan Michigan Legislature
Alec Brook-Krasny New York New York Legislature
Aleksandra Biskupska
Alex Monsour Mississippi Mississippi Legislature
Alexander Charlton Pennsylvania Pennsylvania General Assembly
Alexander Mooney Federal
Alexander Reginald Willette Maine Maine Legislature
Alfred Baldasaro New Hampshire New Hampshire General Court
Alfred Graf New York New York Legislature
Alice Emmons Vermont Vermont General Assembly
Alice Hausman Minnesota Minnesota State Legislature
Alice Kerr Kentucky Kentucky General Assembly
Alice McCoy South Dakota
Alice Peisch Massachusetts Massachusetts General Court
Alice Shih
Alisha Morgan Georgia Georgia General Assembly
Alison Clarkson Vermont
Alison McHose New Jersey New Jersey Legislature
Allan Rothlisberg Kansas
Allen Christensen Utah Utah State Legislature
Allen Evans West Virginia
Allen Farley Alabama Alabama Legislature
Allen Fletcher Texas Texas Legislature
Allen Jaggi Wyoming Wyoming State Legislature
Allen Kerr Arkansas Arkansas General Assembly
Allen McNeill North Carolina North Carolina General Assembly
Allen Peake Georgia Georgia General Assembly
Allen Skillicorn Illinois Illinois General Assembly
Alonzo Baldonado New Mexico New Mexico Legislature
Alvin Jackson Utah Utah State Legislature
Alvin Ott Wisconsin Wisconsin State Legislature
Alyce Clarke Mississippi Mississippi Legislature
Amanda Banks Indiana
Amanda Grosserode Kansas Kansas State Legislature
Amanda McGill Nebraska
Amanda Newman
Amanda Pasdon West Virginia
Amanda Price
Amy Loudenbeck Wisconsin Wisconsin State Legislature