The World at Seven Billion: Individual Needs, Environmental Challenges and U.S. Policy

During October 2011, demographers have determined that the world’s population will reach 7 billion people.  This milestone comes at a time of renewed debates about demographic changes, individual human rights and women’s rights specifically, attacks on basic reproductive health care, and accelerated environmental disruption. This audio recording is from conference call hosted by Rewire, together with our colleagues at the Guttmacher Institute, Population Action International, and the YP Foundation of India.  Speakers on the call include Susan Cohen, Director of Government Affairs at Guttmacher Institute, Roger-Mark DeSouza, Vice President for Research and Director of the Climate Program at Population Action International, and Ishita Chaudhry, CEO of the YP Foundation of India.  The speakers address a range of issues on the challenges posed at the individual, national and global levels of a large and growing human population, and the evident solutions to many of the same.  We encourage you to listen to and share this recording.

This is part of a series commissioned by Rewire to examine the causes and consequences of population and environmental change from various perspectives and the policies and actions needed to both avoid and mitigate the inevitable impacts of these changes.

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