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Liberty Institute Threatens Lawsuit Over Alleged Reprimand of Anti-Choice Doctor

Teddy Wilson

The Liberty Institute, a Christian conservative legal advocacy organization, claims an anti-choice doctor's religious liberty was threatened by the West Virginia University School of Medicine when he allegedly received a letter of reprimand for his anti-choice activism.

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The Liberty Institute has threatened to file a lawsuit against the West Virginia University (WVU) School of Medicine if the school does not withdraw a reprimand of Dr. Byron Calhoun. The Christian conservative legal advocacy organization alleges that WVU threatened Calhoun with a written reprimand for his anti-choice activism.

In a press release Wednesday, Liberty said Calhoun was “threatened with a written, professional reprimand from the University” after he received negative media attention for his anti-choice activism, including writing a complaint to the West Virginia attorney general about a nurse-midwife, which was later dismissed by West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses.

The Charleston Daily Mail reports that WVU disputes the claims and characterizations made by Liberty. The school’s director of public affairs, Amy Johns, told the paper that “events did not occur as characterized in the release from Liberty Institute.” Johns further said that she could make no other comment “because this is a personnel matter.”

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