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Personhood Ohio Leader Selling Assault Rifle to Fundraise for ‘Personhood’ Effort

Robin Marty

Personhood Ohio has had a tough time getting a "personhood" amendment on the Ohio ballot. Now, the group's leader has offered to sell off some of his most prized possessions to help fundraise for the effort: his assault rifles and ammunition.

The attempt to get an amendment granting legal rights to fertilized eggs on the Ohio ballot has not been an easy one for Personhood Ohio. Their first amendment was rejected for being “not fair and truthful” by the state’s Republican attorney general. The group has resorted to offering citizens entry into a $5,000 drawing for each set of petitions returned or donation made to the organization.

Now, the group wants to do a mass mailing but is running a few thousand dollars short of what it needs To make up for the deficit, the leader of the group has offered to sell off some of his most prized possessions: his assault rifles and ammunition.

“I’m selling some of my favorite things—some powerful rifles and ammo,” Personhood Ohio Director Patrick Johnston wrote in a recent fundraising email. “I’m a firm believer that the Second Amendment protects the future of freedom, but not as much as justice for the preborn. See, if God’s against you, your guns won’t help you at all. The shedding of innocent blood will bring God’s wrath on the land – and then you can wave freedom goodbye. So protecting Ohio’s children is more important than securing your right to keep and bear arms.”

Johnson has put his weapons up for sale on his Facebook page, and will provide safety lessons to go with the “high capacity magazines and a ton of ammo” he is offering.

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