News Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Consider Truth in Advertising Crisis Pregnancy Center Law

Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Consider Truth in Advertising Crisis Pregnancy Center Law

Robin Marty

First, one city. Maybe later the whole state?

As funding for family planning programs, especially those involved with Planned Parenthood centers, continues to shrink, crisis pregnancy centers continue to pretend they can fill the gap left behind. Even when they don’t offer birth control. Or STI testing. Or even accurate medical information.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina wants to put an end to that, and is passing a law demanding the groups stop lying.

Via The Daily Tar Heel:

On Monday, the Chapel Hill Town Council passed a resolution to rein in issues of malpractice and misinformation at pregnancy care centers.

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NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, an abortion rights activist group, presented the resolution to the Chapel Hill Town Council.

In the resolution, the Town Council promoted the following three items:

Firstly, patients have the right to medically and factually accurate information.

Secondly, misinformation and deception undermine this fundamental right.

And, lastly, the proposal called on the N.C. General Assembly to protect this right by pursuing public policies to ensure that the principles stated above are applied for pregnancy-related counseling.

Unfortunately, to enact such a bill, it requires the go ahead and buy-in from the state legislature. Will the state approve? Let’s hope so, at least for the sake of women and teens looking for real, scientifically sound medicine and medical advice.

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