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Judge Mandates Mentally-Disabled Nevada Woman Continue Her Pregnancy

Robin Marty

A judge has ruled that the pregnant Nevada woman should continue her pregnancy as her legal guardians requested.

A Nevada judge has ruled that the pregnancy of Elisa Bauer does not present a significant danger to the woman, who is mentally disabled and epileptic, and that she will continue to carry the pregnancy to term as her legal guardians requested.

Bauer, who has the mental capacity of a six-year-old, became pregnant after one of her frequent escapes from a group home in which she had been residing. Bauer had formerly been on birth control but was taken off of contraceptives by her legal guardians, who said they were concerned that they were contributing to her problems with obesity.

At nearly 14 weeks pregnant, Bauer, who also suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome and life threatening seizures, had become the subject of a court room case when her doctor grew concerned that continuing the pregnancy could jeopardize her life and health. Bauer originally saw the physician when her guardians brought her to have her epilepsy medication adjusted so as reduce the risks for the developing fetus, which the guardians said would be adopted by one of six potential couples they had lined up once they learned Bauer was pregnant.

Nevada Right to Life has declared the ruling a victory. “We are pleased (the pregnant woman) will be able to carry her baby to term and that the court recognized that childbirth is a natural process and is the generally accepted course of treatment for pregnancy,” president of Nevada Right to Life president Melissa Clement told the Associated Press.

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The court will now set further medical reviews to decide how the pregnancy can best be managed with the least amount of risk to Bauer.

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