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Kentucky Legislature Will Vote on Legislation to Ban Abortion Coverage In State Health Exchange

Robin Marty

Abortions already won't be covered, but one lawmaker wants to be really, really sure.

Editor’s Note: This piece was edited at 3 p.m. central to correct an error.  The piece should refer to the Nelson Amendment, not the Stupak Amendment.

A policy is already in place in the state of Kentucky ensuring safe abortion care will not be not be covered by insurance plans created under the state’s health care exchanges, but just to be absolutely 100 percent and completely clear, one lawmaker wants to pass a bill to make double-triple sure it never happens.

Via the Associated Press:

Republican state Rep. Stan Lee said Wednesday he intends to push for the legislation when lawmakers convene in January, despite assurances from Gov. Steve Beshear‘s administration that abortions won’t be covered.

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Lee said he’d prefer to have the prohibition clearly spelled out in law, “just to make sure.”

“We want to make sure that no public funding is used to pay for abortions,” he said. “I would think that even the people on the other side of the abortion issue shouldn’t have too much consternation about this.”

Insurance coverage of safe abortion care under health reform is limited under the Nelson Amendment and many plans that already cover abortion care will have to drop it. Not all states have taken steps to reduce coverage, however. Some, such as Connecticut, have declared it an essential part of health care and included it in their own state plans.

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