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Mitt Romney Skips National Right to Life Conference. What’s He Afraid Of?

Robin Marty

As anti-choice advocates, supporters and politicians gathered, where was the presidential candidate?

This weekend was the three-day conference for the National Right to Life, a meeting of the leaders in anti-choice advocacy and politics. Elected officials included Rep. Trent Franks, Rep. Chris Smith, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Conspicuously absent from attendance, however, was former Massachusetts Governor and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Romney did send a video, and he sent New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte in as a representative to speak on his behalf. Ayotte, a perfect pick for Romney as a running mate who could shore up his support with the anti-choice wing of his party and address his “women voter” problem, was sure to insist that Romney was 100 percent in favor of their mission.

Via First Read:

“I want you to know, that Gov. Romney is a fighter who will stand up for life and he will restore conservative values based on our moral, our moral grounding in the White House and he will govern as a pro-life president,” she said inside a Hyatt hotel ballroom here.

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Referring to the presumptive GOP nominee as “my friend” and “a strong leader” during her roughly 20 minute address, Ayotte laid out just how important she believes the election on November 6 is for the country.

“Life is on the line in this election –- it truly is and we can’t afford to just play defense, we have to get on the offense and we need to elect a pro-life president. We need to elect Mitt Romney to make sure we protect life in the White House,” she said and even jabbed Obama for always having so many celebrities campaigning with him.

“When you stand up for what is morally right, when you stand up for those who don’t have a voice –- that is much more powerful than any celebrity that can come in this room.”

Why would Romney choose to avoid a personal appearance with the luminaries of the “Right to Life” movement, and the people he will need to rely on to provide the grassroots support necessary to win the election? Fervent anti-choicers are already suspicious of Romney; wouldn’t you think he would want to take the opportunity to personally show his devotion to their cause? According to the Politico calendar, Romney had a fundraiser Thursday evening, and has another Monday night, but otherwise had no obligations.

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