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Michigan Republicans To Women Legislators: We’ll Tell You When We Want You To Speak

Robin Marty

Unhappy with the "lack of decorum" the women of the Michigan House showed by opposing their anti-abortion "super-bill," leaders are now punishing them for speaking out.

You would think that overwhelmingly passing the most restrictive piece of anti-abortion legislation the state has ever seen would have been enough to make Michigan’s anti-choice Housemembers happy.

But no, now they want to punish the women who spoke out against the bill as well.

According to Michigan Radio, two Democratic Representatives are being barred from speaking in future debates as “punishment” for crimes committed during the debate — including saying the word “vagina.”

The House Republican leadership confirms that state Representative Lisa Brown will not be recognized during debates as a sanction for mentioning her vagina during a debate on anti-abortion legislation.

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State Representative Barb Byrum also says she has been barred from speaking in the future because of an outburst after she was not called on during the abortion debate.

Watch both women’s remarks, as well as other opposition to the bill, below.

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