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Authorities Release Sketch of Potential Witness in Domestic Terrorism Attacks Against Georgia Clinics

Robin Marty

The FBI is investigating two fires and the burglaries of reproductive health clinics around metro Atlanta as potential domestic terrorism incidences.

The investigation into two fires and earlier burglaries of reproductive health clinics in the metro area of Atlanta, Georgia continues, with the FBI releasing a sketch of someone they believe may have witnessed one of the crimes.


According to the FBI, witnesses reported seeing a black male, who is about 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 1 inch tall, in the Alpha Group GYN clinic in Marietta before it was gutted by flames.

Surveillance images show the potential witness wearing a blue polo shirt and khaki pants.

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“We want to know what he knows and anyone with info (on) this individual, or the individual himself,” said Special Agent Stephen Emmett in an interview two days after the fire. “We would like to hear from them.”

The previous burglaries, as well as the other likely arson are all being investigated as potential domestic terrorism and possible civil rights violations, according to the report.

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