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South Dakota Governor Condemned By Republicans For Meddling In Primary

Robin Marty

The governor is criticized for supporting GOP candidates who aren't "pro-life enough" for the extremists of his party.

When South Dakota residents head to the polls on June 5th, “not anti-choice enough” likely wasn’t something they expected to hear when trying to decide between GOP candidates. But that’s the accusation being thrown around by two state representatives angry that Governor Dennis Daugaard has endorsed their opponents.

Republican Representatives Manny Steele and Lora Hubbel have criticized the governor for “using his influence” and supporting candidates who are “pro-abortion.”  Their definition of “pro-abortion?” They aren’t actively rallying to fight the Affordable Care Act.

How far will they go to try and keep the party ideologically pure when it comes to restricting choice at every level?  Hubbel appears to insinuate that if Dauggaard’s favorites win endorsements, there’s a chance that no more abortion restrictions will make it through the legislature next session.

Via Keloland Television:

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“I have heard there is already pro-life legislation written,” Hubbel said talking about the upcoming legislative session.  “Daugaard’s response to that is to endorse several pro-abortion candidates to office. Looks like he’s making sure no pro-life bills come across his office next year.”

In a state in which the legislature has never met a bill to restrict a woman’s rights it didn’t like (even when voters soundly reject them), the idea that legislature would go a year without proposing or passing anti-choice legislation is laughable. Furthermore, with Daugaard already proving repeatedly how willing he is to spend the state budget on defending unconstitutional laws, it’s unlikely that he would ever support a “pro-abortion” candidate.

However, it’s yet another sign of how far to the right the GOP in the state has moved, and how limiting access to reproductive care has become the party’s litmus test.

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