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That’s A New One — Now, Discredited Anti-Choice Researchers Claim Abortion Causes Child Abuse

Robin Marty

Happy Mother's Day, have some totally made up facts by David Reardon as a gift.

First, we learned that being a single mother causes child abuse. But wait, that’s not right.  Turns out, abortion is a risk factor instead.

An Illinois letter writer explains how this works.  Via the Peoria Journal Star:

Priscilla Coleman and David Reardon published a review of multiple previous studies in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry which shows a rate of up to 30 percent of women experiencing serious mental health problems following abortion. Many of these problems – depression, anxiety and substance abuse in mothers – are strong risk factors for subsequent child abuse. This is true for any mother who has lost a child, born or unborn.

The authors commented that some of the studies demonstrated a positive correlation between abortion and abuse/neglect of subsequent children. I write this in hope that mothers in distress may be helped to get the care they need.

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So there you have it: a bogus claim about abortion causing mental health issues is now being used as a corollary to prove that since mental health problems and substance abuse can lead to child abuse, abortion must therefore cause child abuse.

Reardon logic at its best.

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