Iowa Woman Takes On Rep Steve King Over His Planned Parenthood Attacks

Michael Hayne

Iowa woman takes on Rep. Steve King.  

The FAMILY LEADER–one of those innocuous sounding groups that in reality is about as much about actual families as the Democratic Republic of the Congo is “democratic”–has been flexing its political muscle throughout the Republican Presidential Nomination process in Iowa. From getting the republican candidates to sign its Christian version of Sharia Law in The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence upon MARRIAGE and FAMILY, to pressuring Iowa Republican lawmakers to ensure that Planned Parenthood receives absolutely no state tax dollars.

Not to burst the Fox News bubble created for the Republican residents of crazytown, but it’s a well-known fact that Planned Parenthood does not receive any federal monies for abortions. Planned Parenthood gets $6 million in state tax dollars for providing birth control and reproductive health exams to poor women, unlike the oil companies that can receive upwards of $41 billion a year in federal subsidies. 

A woman in her seventies from central Iowa took the party on, exchanging heated but respectful words with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) at a town hall meeting last Tuesday. King has been making a lot of headlines recently over some crazy crap he said, but it’s important to remember that he’s been instrumental in demonizing Planned Parenthood.

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According to ThinkProgress, Shirley Grant went after King for working to defund Planned Parenthood, for trying to make it harder for women to get health care and “take charge of their destiny.” Grant added “I find it very offensive that men think they can tell women what to do with their own life.” 

“When women want pro-choice and want to take charge of their destiny, you and your cohorts want to take funding away from Planned Parenthood. My daughter says, ‘throw out the word [birth control], Mom. Planned Parenthood isn’t that.’ She says it’s for hormone replacement and that means you use those pills for many, many, many different areas of women’s lives. I find it very offensive that men think they can tell women what to do with their own life,” said Grant (Source: Think Progress)

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