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Ron Paul Proudly Touts Operation Rescue Endorsement

Kari Ann Rinker

Operation Rescue leader, Troy Newman, gives an official endorsement to Ron Paul, who may call himself Libertarian, but opposes both freedom and basic health care for women. 

Operation Rescue leader, Troy Newman, lends an official endorsement to Ron Paul.  Ron Paul may call himself Libertarian, but he opposes both freedom and access to basic health care for women. Operation Rescue is one of the most extreme anti-choice organizations in the country. They terrorize physicians by targeting them on their website and even have ties to the man who assassinated Dr. George Tiller

Ron Paul is proud of this endorsement. From the Associated Press:

…in a recorded message distributed by the Paul campaign, Newman said Paul will fight to ban abortion and is the only candidate truly committed to defending the U.S. Constitution.

Memo to Troy Boy… Roe v. Wade is protected by women’s constitutionally-protected right to privacy.  

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Memo to Ron Paul… the baby in a bucket story appeals to a dangerous faction of society and might not be too wise to brag about. 

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