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Washington Legislators Propose “Women’s Right to Know” Bill With 24 Hour Waiting Period

Robin Marty

Ooooh....this one comes with videos!

When is your doctor not just a doctor?  When he or she is mandated by law to show you movies prior to having an abortion.

A new “Woman’s Right to Know” law being proposed in Washington state will make women who are about to undergo the procedure first read about “the probable anatomical and physiological characteristics of the unborn child at the time the abortion is to be performed, and that the abortion will end the life of the unborn child,” and watch videos of the procedure 24 hours before having an abortion.

Within ninety days of the effective date of this section, the
department of health shall cause to be printed materials and an
informational video in English and Spanish that is easily
comprehensible at a sixth grade level and that describes the anatomical
and physiological characteristics of an unborn child at various stages
from conception to natural birth, describes the various methods of
abortion used to terminate the life of an unborn child, lists

alternatives to abortion, and provides a comprehensive list of the addresses and phone numbers of agencies that offer alternatives to

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abortion and services to assist a woman through pregnancy, upon
childbirth, and while the child is dependent, including but not limited
to adoption agencies.  The video shall, in addition to the information 

described in this section, show an ultrasound of the heartbeat of an
unborn child at four to five weeks gestational age, at six to eight
weeks gestational age, and each month thereafter until viability.
Abortion providers shall purchase copies of the printed materials and
informational video published by the department of health at cost.

Copies of the printed materials and informational video published by
the department of health shall be available in appropriate numbers for

free to others upon request.

Now that is some pretty detailed “informed consent.”

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