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Alabama Files “Personhood” Bill, Florida Kills Their Petition

Robin Marty

More states make headway on pushing fertilized eggs as people bills.

Personhood Florida has decided to end its current petition to try and give full rights to fertilized eggs, due to an underwhelming response. 

Via the Broward News:

Since a Florida group managed to collect only around 20,000 of the 676,811 signatures needed to put the state’s own version of a “personhood” amendment before the voters, they’re ditching that one and starting over again.

Initiative petition laws have now changed, making signatures for such petitions valid for only two years instead of four.

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But Alabama remains undaunted by the fizzling “personhood” movement, and is introducing a legislative bill instead.

The Crimson White reports:

State Sen. Phil Williams (R-Madison) has pre-filed “personhood” legislation for the Feb. 2012 legislative session in a move that could bring the issue of abortion to the front and center of Alabama politics just ahead of the 2012 state legislative session.

Senate Bill 5 looks to legally define humans as persons from the moment of fertilization and implantation. It is similar to Mississippi’s personhood bill, which was defeated 58 percent to 42 percent on Nov. 8.

The local personhood group, however, argues that the bill isn’t good enough, as implantation means that it “would not protect embryonic life when the egg travels down the fallopian tubes.”

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