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Democrats For Life Boasts of “Very Good” Relationship With Obama Administration

Robin Marty

At least someone can get their calls answered quickly at the White House.

While the White House continues to vacillate back and forth on whether or not it will defend women’s reproductive health, one group remains confident of its influence on administration policy—Democrats for Life.

According to an interview with the National Catholic Register, President Kristen Day feels that the anti-choice Democratic group may have had some missteps in the past, but she is sure they will only continue to grow as a force in the party.

Day told NCR that her organization spends about half its time lobbying in Washington. She characterized Democrats for Life’s relationship with the Obama administration as “very good.” For example, when three states mistakenly included abortion funding in the high-risk pools set up by the Affordable Care Act, Day called the Department of Health and Human Services to point out that such funding violated the act and its accompanying executive order. “They called back within the hour and within four hours had issued a statement that such funding was not permitted,” Day said.

Day’s new focus? “[R]ecruiting new members and fundraising” and “lobbying on issues like conscience protections.”  Because I guess there just aren’t enough conscience clauses yet.

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