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Anti-Choice Opposition Ambush Candidate Outside Her Church

Robin Marty

"People need to know this woman who is a Catholic supports killing babies, and not to vote for her," a member of Pro-life Virginia explained.

Dick Black isn’t the only anti-choice candidate hoping for a win in Virginia on Tuesday, November 8th.  Tom Harmon is also running, challenging pro-choice state Senator Mamie Locke, and his supporters are “helping” by campaigning against Locke in front of her church.

During the Sunday services.


Sunday morning pro-life advocates waited outside the church of Incumbent Senator Mamie Locke to protest her pro-choice stance on abortion. Locke got an eye full outside her church, St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Newport News, and has pictures to prove it.

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Locke described the protest as “a dirty stunt.”

“Right in front of the church, and with people coming out and not just adults kids too,” Locke said.

Locke who is pro-choice and Catholic confronted the group called “Save The Babies” and even took pictures of them.

“I said, my name is Senator Mamie Locke, and I’m disappointed you are here in front of this church. We don’t participate in this type of political activity, and I’m disappointed you are here. The guy in the van never said a word,” Locke explained.

Harmon, who denies having anything to do with the ambush, opposes abortion in all cases, including rape, incest, and threats to a woman’s health.

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