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Protest Over, Kids No Longer Get Credit For Praying Outside Clinic

Robin Marty

Well, that idea sure died fast.

It only took about a day for the principal of Christ the King to find out that his idea to have elementary and middle school students pray outside a clinic that provides abortions wasn’t going to fly.

Via the Winnipeg Free Press:

Winnipeg’s Catholic educational hierarchy has cancelled Christ the King School’s plan to get elementary students and parents walking anti-abortion vigils outside the Health Sciences Centre.

“Catholic Schools in Winnipeg do not give community service or academic credit for participation in prayer vigils,” said Robert Praznik, director of education for the Archdiocese of Winnipeg Catholic schools.

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“There are no Catholic schools in Winnipeg that give academic credit for political activity,” Praznik said. “We’re very careful, we’re not a political organization.

“None of this is part of the curriculum, and none of this is done on school time,” Praznik said.

The director blamed the misunderstanding on Hood being new to the school, and overly excited because the issue was “close to his heart.”

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