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Brownback Apparently Believes Perry is Anti-Choice Enough

Robin Marty

The Kansas governor and anti-choice stalwart announced his endorsement of Texas Governor Rick Perry for President.

Just yesterday, a group of anti-choice activists put out a press release stating that Texas Governor Rick Perry wasn’t anti-abortion enough to be president.

But Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, one of the most anti-choice legislators in the country, doesn’t seem to believe that.  Today, prior to the Florida GOP presidential debate, Brownback has offered his own endorsement of Perry for President.

Via The Houston Chronicle:

Brownback, who has long been close friends with Perry, said he was backing the Texas governor’s candidacy, citing his efforts to create jobs and expand the Texas economy. Brownback said Perry “is the right leader for this moment in history.”

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“I think he’s really got the right message that it’s about jobs, it’s about job creation and it’s about getting the atmosphere right,” Brownback said. “They’ve maintained and created a very positive, growth-oriented atmosphere in Texas that we’ve got to get back to in the United States.”

Of course, Brownback is remarkably silent about Perry’s social issues, including abortion.  Because everyone in the GOP is still silently pretending that there is no social issues litmus test for the Republican candidates.

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