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Group Claims Jesse Jackson “Betrayed” African Americans With Abortion Stance

Robin Marty

"Abortion in the Hood" makes Jackson their new "poster child."

Apparently no longer getting enough coverage from ploys like saying African-American children are an “endangered species” or that a woman’s womb is “dangerous,” a new line of anti-abortion billboards is coming straight for leaders in the community itself.

A group calling itself “Abortion in the Hood” is chastising Rev. Jesse Jackson for not opposing abortion, saying he has “betrayed” African Americans.

Via Newsone:

New billboards in Atlanta by an anti-abortion group, Abortion In The Hood attack Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus for betraying the Black community on the issue of abortion.

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The website and campaign, funded by the Restoration Project criticize Jackson for changing his position on abortion after being against it in the 1970s.

At least billboard companies are weathering the recession these days, thanks to the groundswell in anti-choice campaigns.

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