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New Hampshire Executive Council May Reconsider Planned Parenthood Defunding

Robin Marty

After telling women "if they want to have fun they should pay for it themselves," the executive council may reconsider denying funds for birth control.

The New Hampshire executive council must have gotten a lot of blowback on their comments that women who want to “have a good time” should have to “pay for it.”  It appears that they may be reversing their decision to cut off a contract with the state’s Planned Parenthood organization — a contract that was the sole source of free or subsidized birth control for many women in the state.

Blog for Choice reports:

The Executive Council will meet again tomorrow, and could reconsider its vote to defund Planned Parenthood. If you live in New Hampshire, take action through our affiliate.
And not a moment too soon: Nick Toumpas, New Hampshire’s commissioner of health and human services, said that cuts to family-planning funding put the state at risk of losing federal dollars.
So tomorrow will be a test of how far these politicians want to take their attacks on women’s health care.

Let’s see if the public outcry will be enough to sway them.

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