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International Business Times Implies Abortion Provider Is In It For The Money

Robin Marty

A brief profile of Kansas Dr. Mila Means and the local abortion situation leaves much to be desired.

Playing to the idea that doctors who provide abortions are mostly in it to make a lot of money, a short article on the trials of Kansas provider Dr. Mila Means and her attempt to provide abortions in the state claims she’s just doing it for the dollars.

From the International Business Times:

Dr. Means, the self-proclaimed “poorest doctor in the state,” said that she wants to perform abortions because she has very few patients and can no longer pay the bills. So much for being a martyr.  But, advocates say, “beggars can’t be choosers.”

Yes, because constant protests and harassment, the shut down of your clinic and endless death threats are worth it as long as you make enough cash in the end.

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