Roundup: Women’s Groups Who Don’t Like Women

Robin Marty

At least 78 candidates running for congress think a woman should give birth to their rapist's child.  And there are "women's groups" just not helping.

It’s a frightening fact to face.  Currently, at least 78 candidates running for congress believe that abortion is wrong at all times, even if the woman was raped.  Let’s be frank, these are candidates who value babies over women.  And just imagine what the country would look like, considering what we are already seeing in politics right now.

Example: the Susan B. Anthony List claims its about electing anti-abortion women, or at the very least, anti-abortion male candidates, because abortion is the only issue that matters.  So why is it that their latest target is anti-choice Democrats? 

Via The Hill:

The Susan B. Anthony List is keeping up the pressure on pro-life Democrats who voted for the healthcare reform bill.

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Up until now, it’s focused on direct mail and radio spots, but next week drivers in districts from Indiana to Pennsylvania will see billboards pronouncing “shame on” the member for his or her vote (an image of one of the billboards going up in Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper’s Pennsylvania district is below).

The anti-abortion group dropped $55,000 on 32 billboards that are scheduled to be up next week and run until at least Oct. 31, according to a spokesman for the SBA. The billboards will also appear in Reps. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) and Steve Driehaus’ districts (D-Ohio).

Of course, one of their key targets is Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper, a Pennsylvania Democrat, who is also a anti-abortion female candidate. So obviously, promoting anti-choice females is a misnomer, since the true goal is to promote the Republican party, which has now made subjugating women a plank on the platform.

In fact, the Republicans in congress are so anti-women that they can’t even allow a simple museum to proceed, even one that requires no taxpayer dollars. As Jodi wrote earlier, this is just the latest in certain senators’ war against women. But even worse is the fact that the actions of the senators are being pushed by yet another “women’s group.” 

From Taylor Marsh at Huffington Post:

There is no reason that abortion rights advocates or opponents should be center stage in a Smithsonian museum dedicated to women’s history. But “Concerned Women for America” made this an issue by petitioning both DeMint and Coburn, because these women don’t like the make up of the proposed women’s museum’s board of directors. The Republican senators are citing the fact that the museum hasn’t raised enough funds, which is usually the case when these things begin. It’s a fig leaf over Republican misogyny.

Senators DeMint and Coburn are wrong to listen to an organization like “Concerned Women of America,” who thinks denying Americans a look into women’s history should be predicated on an argument over abortion rights.

Why are these so-called women’s groups working so hard to promote men who hate women, campaign against women, and fight every effort to promote women?

Maybe they really are the mama grizzlies.  They seem intent on ripping everything to pieces that doesn’t fall into their own narrow need to bring babies into the world.

Mini Roundup: Crisis pregnancies centers getting too bad of a reputation misleading women?  They’ve found a simple solution: changing their names!

September 30, 2010

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