Indisputable Abortion Fact #8

Where is the word of God on abortion?

The discussion between God and a group of men is not posted on the internet. A group of men claims that they have been told by God that abortion is murder. They have never produced a transcript of exactly what God said as opposed to what they said. This should be available on the internet. A transcript of God’s word for Christians is found in the Bible that is available on the internet that does not mention abortion. The Christian God goes to great extent to give examples of his law and gave Commandments including not to kill. Following the pro life creed leads to killing of innocent life. Following the pro choice creed leads to the saving of life. Nothing in the Bible says abortion is wrong. Christians use the Bible as a tool to determine their faith and their beliefs. A transcript of what God said as opposed to what man said is required and should be available on the internet so that people can ascertain the truth.

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