California Judge to Same-Sex Couples: One More Week Until Marriage

Amie Newman

Judge Vaughn Walker, the man behind the overturning of California's Proposition 8, which would have outlawed same-sex marriage, is giving supporters of the proposition one more week to seek a permanent stay. If not, same sex couples are free to marry in California as soon as August 18th.

Judge Walker, the judge who last week struck down California’s Proposition 8 which would have outlawed same-sex marriage in the state, has lifted the stay on same-sex marriages beginning August 18th.

Walker says this gives proponents of Proposition 8 another few days to seek a “more permanent stay” from the 9th Circuit. Though opponents of Prop 8, like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown were pleased.

From the Washington Post:

Same-sex marriages may resume in California as early as Wednesday under a ruling by a federal judge, but opponents say they will try during the next six days to convince a higher court to block the decision.

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U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker last week struck down California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex unions, calling it unconstitutional. But he delayed implementation of his ruling after opponents asked for a stay, arguing that the marriages should not resume while the case is being appealed.

Vaughn denied the request Thursday, but offered a short delay that gave hope to opponents, who said they will seek a permanent stay from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals before Wednesday.

As Alternet points out, this means beginning next Wednesday, same-sex couples will be able to wed if opponents (like the Christian legal aid organization Alliance Defense Fund) aren’t successful.

Though it is good news, it was somewhat of a disappointment to couples who had hoped to marry as soon as today:

“We came to show our support and get married,” said Midge Detro, 45, who with her partner of 16 years had been at San Francisco City Hall since Thursday morning. “It’s extremely important, because everyone’s equal and everyone deserves the same rights no matter what their race or sex or who they love.”

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