Extreme Anti-Choice Group Endorses Two Wisconsin Candidates For Governor

Robin Marty

Pro-Life Wisconsin endorses two candidates for governor, believing either one will likely cut off all access to abortion and birth control.

In an unusual move, Pro-Life Wisconsin, the state’s anti-abortion, anti-birth control anti-choice movement, has endorsed not one but two candidates for the office of Governor.

“We are proud to endorse both Scott Walker and Mark Neumann for Wisconsin governor,” said Mary Matuska, president of the Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund PAC.  “Scott and Mark are men of principle who realize that unborn children are persons deserving full legal protection. It is exciting and hopeful that the leading candidates for Wisconsin governor embrace the total protection pro-life message – a message of consistency and compassion for the most vulnerable among us.”

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin has responded to the dual endorsement by clarifying that “the total protection pro-life message” means not only cutting off all access to abortion in all cases, but also access to birth control as well.

In the wake of Pro-Life Wisconsin’s dual endorsement of Republican gubernatorial candidates Scott Walker and Mark Neumann, Planned Parenthood is letting Wisconsin women and families know these candidates are too extreme for Wisconsin. Pro-Life Wisconsin only endorses candidates who pledge to work to outlaw abortion in all circumstances—even if a pregnant woman’s life is in danger, or if a woman became pregnant due to rape or incest—and all forms of contraception.

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“How appalling is it that these candidates would leave rape and incest victims who became pregnant from horrific crimes with no place to turn for safe, legal and compassionate abortion care? Or that they would rather women die than permit her physician to save her life if abortion was the only option?” said Chris Taylor, Public Policy Director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin. “These are not decisions for politicians to make—these are deeply personal, private decisions for women, their families, and their doctors.”

In addition to their work to outlaw abortion care for all women in all circumstances, Pro-Life Wisconsin opposes all forms of FDA approved methods of contraception, including birth control pills and condoms. In the 2007 Senate hearing on the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims Act, a Wisconsin law requiring emergency rooms to provide rape victims with information about and access to emergency birth control to prevent pregnancy, Pro-Life Wisconsin Legislative Director Matt Sande explained that the “consistent” position of the organization is that birth control causes abortion, and that they find contraception and abortion equally objectionable.

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