Progress Being Made on Wisconsin’s Healthy Youth Act

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Progress Being Made on Wisconsin’s Healthy Youth Act

Robin Marty

Wisconsin's Healthy Youth Act moves beyond committee and prepares for a vote on the senate floor.

In the wake of startling numbers regarding the rise in teenage pregnancies, the passage of legislation to help better address sex education is desperately over due. 

One such plan, Wisconsin’s Healthy Youth Act, is finally moving towards passage in the state legislature.

If passed, the Healthy Youth Act will focus on greater standards in sex ed in public schools, and that programs will be put into place that have proven results for reducing STD rates and teen pregnancies.  The Healthy Youth Act, which has the support of numberous local public health groups and had been passed unanimously by the state assembly, has now made it past the senate Committee on Education and can be put up on the Senate floor for a vote.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin released the following statement:

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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“We are
sincerely grateful for Senate Education Committee members’ recognition
that the state is facing a public health crisis with skyrocketing rates
of teen sexually transmitted diseases and an end to the decline in teen
birth rates,” said Chris Taylor, Public Policy Director for PPAWI.
“Not only is this crisis costing teens in terms of their education and
job opportunities, but studies estimate that it costs Wisconsin
taxpayers approximately $273 million a year to cover teen child bearing
and STD treatment.  Now, we need Senate leadership to act on the bill
and schedule a floor vote as soon as possible.”