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Governor Schwarzenegger released a state budget that includes drastic cuts to family planning.  His proposed cuts would force hundreds of thousands of Californians to go without birth control, cancer screenings, STD testing & treatment.

For every $1 California puts into our state family planning program, the federal government provides a $9 match. And, for every $1 spent on family planning, taxpayers save over $5 in future medical and social service costs related to unintended pregnancy. During this budget crisis, we can’t afford to leave any money on the table! Gov. Schwarzenegger’s cuts just don’t add up!


Make your voice heard TODAY.  Call these key legislators to let them know that family planning funds should not be cut!

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Speaker Karen Bass (916)319-2047                                                  

Speaker-Elect John A. Pérez (916)319-2046

A sample script is below:

“Hi, my name is ________ and I’m calling today to urge _________ (name of legislator) to reject the governor’s proposed cut to family planning services. It’s bad for the budget and bad for women’s health. Can we count on (him/her)?”

After you’ve called please email [email protected] with “I called Bass and Pérez” in the subject line.


Thank you for helping to protect family planning! Until next month, these are my Choice Words!


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