Roundup: Public Option is Alive, National Sex-Ed Week of Action, Is Yaz Safe?

Amie Newman

Health care reform needs to result in affordable health insurance options, the death of the public option is highly exaggerated, teens acknowledge the National Sex-Ed Week of Action and the birth control pill known as Yaz is being criticized for its safety.

The Trains Keep On Rollin’ On Health Care Reform…

The Wonk Room reports that, 

The White House is considering improving the affordability of health care reform
by “exempting more families and individuals on the basis of income from
the penalty for failing to buy insurance, a fine that for families
could run as high as $1,900.”

Senators are debating just how best to ensure affordability for all Americans – most obviously, subsidies – while keeping in mind President Obama’s statement that he would not accept a health care bill that would cost more than $900 billion over ten years. According to the New York Times, "subsidies are already the biggest-ticket item."

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While The Media Consortium’s Lindsay Beyerstein writes that "reports of the death of the public option are greatly exaggerated" as the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to debate the public option tomorrow. Beyerstein notes that,

According to Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly, liberals are
once again optimistic
that health care reform will include a publicly-run insurance option to compete with private insurance companies. The main excuse to drop the public option was that Republicans wouldn’t go for it. As Benen explains, now that a bipartisan bill is out of reach, Democrats can move further to the left.

National Sex-Ed Week of Action!

This week is national sex-ed week of action. Check out the twitter hashtag #sexed for updates from various organizations including Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

And for an added bonus, read this excellent op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constition from a teen on the importance of sexual health education for young people. As a teen educator, she writes, 

I see firsthand how responsive teens are to complete and accurate
information. Young people are thirsty for knowledge and recognize how
important this information is to their lives.

I have seen how well teens respond to messages from other teens, often even better than they do with adult educators.

Yaz We Can’t?

The Daily Women’s Health Policy Report covers concerns, reported on in The New York Times this weekend, by "researchers, health advocates and lawyers for plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits against its manufacturer Bayer Healthcare" that Yaz, the popular oral contraceptive, may not be safe. The report notes that,

According to Bayer, the company has been served with 74 lawsuits
brought by women who say they developed health problems after taking
Yasmin or Yaz. 

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