Roundup: Operation Rescue wants to purchase Tiller’s Clinic, and It’s Not a Publicity Stunt

Amy Dempsey

Operation Rescue wants to purchase Tiller's Clinic, and It's Not a Publicity Stunt; Bills Restricting Abortions Progress in the Arizona Senate; Columnist Says Planned Parenthood Has Resources Other Than Abortion

Operation Rescue wants to purchase Tiller’s Clinic, and It’s Not a Publicity Stunt

On Tuesday, Operation Rescue announced that it wanted to purchase
Dr. George Tiller’s clinic and turn it into a "memorial to the unborn."
According to Mother Jones, the media called the claim a publicity stunt, but it turns out Operation Rescue is serious.

In the past, the group has acted on similar claims. Its current national headquarters is in Wichita at a former abortion clinic.

Mother Jones’ Josh Harkinson
reported in 2007 after meeting with Troy Newman, Operation Rescue’s
director, that he purchased its headquarters through a front group,
which makes his newest threat more credible.

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Newman told him:

"What better way to show that we are winning and demoralize the enemy,"
Newman told me in 2007, "than by shutting down an abortion mill,
throwing out the tenants on their face, and taking it over as our
headquarters? You lose, we win."

If Dr. Tiller’s family wants to keep the former clinic away from
Newman, it will need to closely investigate whomever purchases it,
according to Harkinson.

Bills Restricting Abortions Progress in the Arizona Senate

Now that former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is heading up the
Department of Homeland Security, she can no longer veto nine
anti-abortion legislation in her state. And her succesoor, Republican
Gov. Jan Brewer, supports two bills that were "recommended for passage"
will require a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion, and increase
penalties for performing late-term abortions, according to

The article states:

"Poll after poll shows the strong majority of Americans support these
types of provisions," said Cathi Herrod, president of the conservative
Center for Arizona Policy. "It’s intended to empower women by making
sure they have full and adequate information before they make that

Herrod also said 30 states around the country require that information
is given to women about abortion risks and abortion alternatives. Columnist Says Planned Parenthood Has Resources Other Than Abortion

Joel Connelly, a columnist,
discusses why many American women have visited Planned Parenthood
clinics in his latest column.

According to Connelly, they visit the
clinics when they have health concerns, and are looking for ways to
avoid becoming pregnant. He says there are 35 Planned Parenthood
clinics in Washington state, only five of them providing surgical
abortions, while others offer medication abortions.

Connelly wrote in his column:

"A half-dozen Planned Parenthood pamphlets have just cascaded out of my
daypack: One deals with GYN gynecology exams, another with emergency
contraception, a third with abusive relationships, a fourth is entitled
‘All About Vasectomy’ and a fifth with pelvic exams."
The sixth pamphlet, "Male Self-Exam," gives my gender tips on detecting testicular cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.


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