Roundup: Archbishop Defends Abortion, Orange County Funds CPCs?

Emily Douglas

Orange County considers funding crisis pregnancy centers instead of Planned Parenthood; affordable birth control coming back to campuses and low-income health centers; Vatican Archbishop defends abortion for 9 year-old!

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March 17: Abortion plays role in House GOP race

March 16: Jamaica Observer: Establishing a common ground on abortion

March 16: USA Today: Mr. President, we need more than lip service

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March 16: The Daily Dish: Pro-Choice Palin?

March 16: Pro-Life Blogs: OR Commentary on Late-Term Abortion Incident

March 15: Jezebel: Vatican Archbishop Defends Abortion For 9-Year Old Brazilian Girl

March 16: The Trial of Kathleen Sebelius

March 16: AP: Number of Utah women having abortions up in 2007

March 16: AP: Jury selection begins for Kan. abortion provider

March 16: Christianity Today: Reducing Abortion for Real: The current proposals to lower the abortion rate will only make things worse .

March 16: Feministing: Arizona House passes abortion restrictions

March 16: EWTN: Catholic Healthcare Agency in Boston Wins State Contract – Including Abortion Coverage

March 16: LifeNews: Mexican State of Puebla Approves Pro-Life Amendment to Constitution

March 16: RightWingWatch: White House Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for the Religious Right

March 17: Minda News: "Principled collaboration" on natural family planning program possible, says PopCom

March 17: Real Media: 100 Teens Convene at State Capitol for Health Advocacy Training

March 16: ZimEye:  CIOs and Zanu-PF members arrested for extortion 

March 17: Pharmiweb: Contraception Knowledge Centre launched on EPG website for doctors

March 12: NYT: Canceled Palin Wedding Becomes a Public Matter


March 14: State Journal Constitution: In My View: Family-plan funding is cost-effective

March 14: Catholic News Agency: President Clinton’s ‘confused’ embryo remarks raise credibility questions

March 15: Christian News Wire: News Conference to Discuss Plans for Abortionist’s Criminal Trial in Wichita

March 15: LAT: Orange County considers funding pro-life clinics

March 16: LifeNews: Pro-Life Group Says Planned Parenthood Hurting Women With Home Abortions

March 16: Texas Statesman: Watson: To safeguard the health of women in Texas, let prevention work

March 16: Statesman Journal: The other Afghan surge

March 12: Fox TV Oregon: School Board Split On Providing Birth Control

March 13: Huffington Post: Letter to The Supervisors Who Cut Planned Parenthood’s Funding

March 13: FayettevilleFlyer: The State of Birth Control in Northwest Arkansas

March 13: Women’s Law Project Law: Affordable Birth Control Fix Signed by President Obama

March 13: Lifesitenews: Study: Women Who Use Birth Control Pill 1.5 Times More Likely to Develop Bowel Disease

March 13: Babble: Affordable Birth Control: No Longer a Thing of the Past

March 14: Alternet: Rebuttal to Chris Hedges: Stop the Tired Overpopulation Hysteria

March 14: The Young Turks: Sex education debate: Obama considering a cut in abstinence-only funding

March 14: Psychology Today Blog: History’s mysteries: Why do birth rates decrease when societies modernize?

March 15: American Psychological Association’s Psychological Bulletin:
Family demands steer women away from math/science careers

March 16: LifeNews: Obama Administration Will Meet With Pro-Life Leaders to Talk About Abortion

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