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The 2nd Annual Rewire Gift Guide

Sarah Seltzer

With the economy in shambles and holiday shopping turning into a balancing act, let Rewire help you figure out how to bestow feminist-friendly gifts on your friends and family.

With the economy in shambles and holiday shopping turning
into a balancing act, let Rewire help you figure out how to stimulate
the economy and bestow presents on your friends and family – all while
contributing to reproductive health-friendly and women-friendly causes.

One organization that deserves all of our support
right now is Planned Parenthood.
Why, besides the obvious reason that they provide low-cost health care to
women? Because this month has brought insidious efforts to cut their funding
and undeserved derision about the gift certificates for health
services being offered in one state. How shocking that women might want to gift
each other with a little bit of care in a country that doesn’t consider it a
right (sarcasm intended). Showing support to PPFA is a great way to do good and feel good this holiday season.

If a plain old donation
isn’t spicy enough, consider making one in ironic honor of your favorite
anti-choicer. Planned Parenthood’s Connecticut store
also offers a variety of condom-storage key chains if you want something
tangible for your money.


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The publishing industry is in dire straits. If you’re a
bookworm, now is a crucial time to buy those women-friendly books instead of
borrowing them. If the below recently-released titles don’t float your
boat, a nice hardcover copy of a classic like Our Bodies, Ourselves
is a perfect gift.

  • Abortion
    and Life,
    by Jennifer Baumgardner. An honest portrayal of a variety
    of women’s experiences with abortion with accompanying photographs.


Kids Books and

  • The
    Tales of Beedle the Bard
    , by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter’s author offersa small
    book for children, a collection of wizard fairy tales (with some fairly
    empowered heroines in them!). Sales of the book are going towards Rowling’s children’s charity.
  • Looking
    for children and young adult books that won’t send young women icky
    messages? Check out the
    Bloomer awards
    , which honor kids’ books with feminist heroines and
  • Want a
    quicker read? Send your favorite friend a subscription to one or more fun,
    feminist magazines. There are the famed trio of Bitch, Bust, and Ms. and they all need all the
    subscribers you can get. But don’t forget other indy pubs like Hip Mama, East Village Inky, Make/Shift, or Venus Zine. Just not Cosmopolitan.


DVDS+ Music:

  • 4
    months, 3 weeks, 2 days
    – Two women’s harrowing journey to procure an
    abortion in totalitarian Romania is frighteningly relevant.
  • All
    of Us
    – A documentary exploring women and HIV in the South Bronx and
  • Mama
    ! – A cheesy ABBA schlock-fest, true – but the fact that it was
    directed, written, and produced by women 
    means a surprisingly refreshing gender outlook.


Donate to a Cause

Nonprofits need support more than ever this year.

  • SisterSong – Women
    of color uniting for reproductive justice.
  • The Birth Attendants – Doulas in
    Washington who provide free services for incarcerated, pregnant women. 
  • Lydia’s
    works to
    end domestic violence by providing a place of healing and a voice of
    hope for abused women and their children. Lydia’s House is Missouri’s
    largest provider of confidentially-located, furnished apartments for
    abused women and children for up to 24 months, and is one of the largest
    programs of its type in the United States. 
  • Backline – A hotline for women considering how to
    respond to pregnancy.
  • One by One – prevents and treats
    obstetrical fistula in women in developing nations.


The Material World

If you or your loved ones’ wardrobes are getting thin or
you’re dying for some adornment and indulgence, try some of these ideas:

  • The
    Rosie the Riveter package
    at The Union Shop comes with a Rosie
    T-shirt, coasters, and a book explaining the history of the symbol of
    empowered womanhood. All union-made.
  • "This
    is what a feminist looks like" T-shirts
    at the Feminist Majority


Happy holidays!