New “Our Reality” Video Series Documents Powerful Personal Stories on Sexual and Reproductive Health

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New “Our Reality” Video Series Documents Powerful Personal Stories on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Scott Swenson

Rewire launches "Our Reality" video series bringing powerful personal stories about sexual and reproductive health for distribution online helping to debunk ideological misinformation.

With so much misinformation on sexual and reproductive health promoted by social conservative ideologues, Rewire and EMMY award-winning Stuart Television
Productions have partnered to bring online news readers, journalists,
reproductive health advocates and activists, “Our Reality” videos — a
series of powerful news features focusing on the real-life impact of
sexual and reproductive health policies.

VIDEO: Max tells about his experience with failed abstinence-only programs.VIDEO: Max tells about his experience with failed abstinence-only programs.RH
Reality Check’s newest video series highlights real people’s stories – 
on everything from the failure of abstinence-only programs to
contraception access and HIV/AIDS. Our first video introduces viewers
to Max Siegel, a young man who contracted HIV from his first sexual
experience, his only sexual health education having come from an
abstinence-only program
in high school. Currently four videos are available in the “Our Reality”
series and additional video will be added in the next two weeks. The
videos can be found online at and its affiliated
pages on Vimeo, You Tube, Facebook and are available for use by other
publications under Creative Commons guidelines.

Stuart, director of Rewire’s “Our Reality” videos, is
president of Stuart Television Productions, the winner of five national
EMMYS, two Duponts, and other national awards. His work includes more
than a dozen documentaries including for PBS’ Frontline, ABC, HBO, The
Discovery Channel, CNN, MSNBC, Lifetime and more. Prior to forming his
company, Stuart worked as a Senior Producer of an Investigative Unit at
ABC News in New York.

Rewire produces another online video series having
released six approximately three-minute videos to date. The “Reality
Check” series
, hosted by Rewire podcast host and columnist
Amanda Marcotte, features a point-counterpoint discussion of some of
the most controversial issues in sexual and reproductive health. The
newest “Reality Check” video shatters the stereotypes propagated by
anti-choice activists
about women who have abortions and abortion
providers. The entire series of five videos can be found here. New
videos in this series are released every other week.

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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