Sen. Hutchison Dismisses GOP Platform Banning Abortion

Scott Swenson

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison dismisses the GOP platform on abortion, but then again she has to as a pro-choice Republican.

As speculation about who John McCain will select as Vice President tomorrow escalates, one more of the Republican women who had been mentioned as a possibility, pro-choice Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX), spoke to Chris Matthews on Hardball today.

Chris Matthews: Do you think the Republican Party platform is inclusive enough on the issue of reproduction and abortion rights?

Sen. Hutchison:I believe that is a very personal issue and we ought to acknowledge that people in the same family can differ on that issue. People are who are the closest friends can be different on that issue. I think we should have standards but I don’t think we should eliminate people or say you can’t be welcomed in our party if you have legitimate views on that issue. But Chris I do think that both the Republican and Democratic platforms generally have areas that are not mainstream and I don’t think that you can agree with either platform in its in entirety. I think you have to understand that a candidate’s views are going top prevail, people are going to choose the canddiate, the party of course in the overall priorities is a factor, it is important, but you can’t agree on every issue in a platform and you wouldn’t with your wife or mother or your husband or your children so I don’t think we should have a litmus test on either platform.


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Sen. Hutchison has to dismiss the GOP platform as irrelevant considering it has been reported to be the most extreme ever on abortion rights, calling for nothing short of a Constitutional Amendment banning abortion. One assumes this is what Sen. Hutchison means by part of the platform being “outside the mainstream.” No education, no prevention, no acknowledgment of the broader range of sexual and reproductive health care. Just no.

Hutchison said she is not interested in being the veep and that she made that clear from the beginning since she is interested in running for Governor of Texas, and she also said that she thinks the Republican ticket should be comprised of Republicans, not Sen. Joe Lieberman.


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