Roundup: NARAL Day Two, Why Black Women Back Obama

Brady Swenson

Endorsement may help NARAL "shed its image as an organization for white women only", why black women back Obama, catcalls are not compliments.

NARAL Endorsement Fallout Day Two Many of the state NARAL affiliates who were quick to distance themselves from NARAL Pro-choice America’s endorsement of Barack Obama stated that there was no good reason to endorse now as opposed to later when the nomination is officially in one candidate’s posession. In an article in the NYT today NARAL boardmember Elizabeth Shipp is said to feel that "endorsing Mr. Obama at a high-profile juncture might
help Naral shed its image as an organization for white women only." Shipp added:

“Has it been in the past? Yes. Do I think the face of the
choice movement is different today and do I hope Naral plays a role in that? You

Ain’t I a Woman? Rev. Valda Jean Combs writes a firece and forthright take on the issues of race and gender in the Democratic primary in today’s edition of Women’s eNews. Rev. Combs writes that

Rather than challenge racism, the Clintons have affirmed those for whom race
is a barrier to supporting a black Democratic nominee. In their quest for the
White House, the Clintons have sacrificed the black vote and the black loyalty
that helped to put Bill Clinton in office.

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She then invokes the story of Sojourner Truth and the suffrage movement to parallel the black woman’s role in the feminist movement of the 20th century: "Women of color fought alongside white feminists in the 1970s and 1980s, but
found our perspective elbowed aside; our loyalty taken for granted." She then asks if it is any wonder that black women are supporting Barack Obama by huge margins. She concludes:

My support for Obama is a repudiation of the politics that have reigned supreme
since Sojourner Truth, a politics that says my dream must wait until someone
else’s has been realized.

Catcalls Not Compliments Amanda has a short but sweet take on a recent CNN article
asking whether or not catcalls are compliments. Amanda says the
headline "reads like something from the Reader’s Digest circa 1970
wedged between articles on why kids don’t appreciate waltzing anymore
and how smoking marijuana cigarettes will cause your daughter to become
a streetwalker: ‘Catcalling: creepy or a compliment?’"





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