Real Time: Harassment in Aurora

Brady Swenson

Anti-choice protesters have set up camp in a Safeway parking lot near the new Aurora Planned Parenthood clinic.

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The Planned Parenthod Aurora blog reported yesterday that anti-choice protesters have hunkered down in the parking lot of a Dominick's grocery store across the street from the new clinic. Dominick's is owned by Safeway Inc., the second largest grocery chain in the U.S. One of Aurora's city attorneys told Planned Parenthood that the owner of the property had the right to give protesters permission to use the parking lot as a base for their operations, which raises the question of why Safeway would give permission to anti-choice protesters to harass women seeking health care, not to mention the staff of the facility.

Early this morning Aurora staffers witnessed a man photographing the license plates of women and staff arriving at and leaving the clinic. Presumably this information may be used for further harassment. There is also evidence to suggest that Ann and Joe Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League are involved in or have condoned this activity.

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