A New Generation of Sex Work

Recently I did two things. 1. Listened to the Dan Savage Podcast #175 – Check it out! And the Savage Love column and 2. Read Elizabeth Pisani’s Wisdom of Whores Blog- Entitled “Do Chicago Sex Workers need Swedish Laws”.

Both of these thing intrigued me and ignited an idea about legalized prostitution. Dan Savage was responding to a caller that was describing how awesome his monogamous relationship is and how it can be so amazing and wonderful. Dan Savage replied as usual, in an intelligent and logical manner. I will paraphrase. He basically said that the reason this caller’s monogamous relationship was working was because both parties wanted monogamy and were both extremely happy. It wasn’t monogamy that made it work. It was the 2 individuals. Just like how 2 individuals (or more) can make nonmonagamy or polyamory work. And also how some people cannot be in those relationships or can’t be in them with certain people. Basically saying don’t blame the institution, blame the people. Which I think is exactly correct.

This brings me to Pisani’s blog post. The main issue was how Chicago is coming down harder on sex workers. Increasing penalties for buying and selling sex. Which is so damn irritating. Because these lawmakers are pushing their lifestyles or lifestyles they deam most appropriate or “right” on everybody else. Just like how religion, sexual orientation, culture, etc is pushed on people.

So I thought of a great idea. Legalize all prostitution. Do it. Think of the possibilities. There could be all different types of brothels. There could be quick n dirties, wining and dining, conversation, etc. There could even be classes or counselors to help clients with relationships, communication, dating to help those who want to be in relationships or have partners. They could have hetero, female, male, bi, tri, queer, lesbian, gay houses. It would be awesome. Think about the booming economy and the increasing rates of happiness our country could experience. We could give just 1% of proceeds to education and think of the improvements! There could even be houses for married couples, polyamorous couples, monogamous couples, just datin’ couples, singles, just endless possibilities. Kinks, fetishes.. I can’t stop coming up with ideas! There could even still be street walkers. People who like the idea of picking someone up like that. The workers could have a chosen level of security if they desire. Once again more jobs! There could even be escort services that go to the clients. Van drivers, secretaries, etc.

The houses could have medical insurance, regular testing, birth control, condoms, education, etc. Think of the jobs! This could create 100s of jobs. Doctors, nurses, bouncers, educators, counselors, therapists, etc! Think of the economic possibilities.

I would totally love to run any number of these awesome places. To me that would be a dream job. Love to incorporate all aspects of sexuality into one place with knowledge, pleasure, education, fun and openmindedness.