Boom! Lawyered: Eggs Are Not People and Your Sperm Is Not Sacred

Imani Gandy & Jessica Mason Pieklo

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Hosts Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy, also known as Rewire‘s #TeamLegal, dive into the laws that define the concept of a person and how Congress and President Donald Trump are trying to sneak “personhood” into everything from the Supreme Court to the latest tax legislation.

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An edited excerpt:

Jess: OK, but wait, there’s even more. House Republicans are also pushing a law that would ban abortion when a fetal heart rate is detected, which is approximately six weeks—which federal courts have already found unconstitutional in both North Dakota and Arkansas. Those aren’t bastions of “liberal” federal courts at all. Now, it’s not clear when or if they’ll even actually vote on the measure, but nothing about this administration is clear. Now, this heartbeat nonsense, what’s going on?

Imani: I’ll tell you what’s going on, heartbeat bans are “hella unconstitutional,” as we like to say here in The Bay: “hella unconstitutional.” That didn’t stop Steve King, who really is a terrible person, from introducing H.R. 490, a bill that bans abortion when a heartbeat can be detected, which as Jess mentioned can be as early as six weeks. You know what? A lot of people don’t even know they’re pregnant in six weeks.

Steve King actually saved a front row seat at the hearing on the heartbeat ban for a sonogram, which he then proceeded to narrate what the fetus was thinking and feeling as if he were some sort of fetus whisperer. It’s creepy.

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