Boom! Lawyered: Mailbag Edition

In the latest episode of Boom! Lawyered, hosts Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy answer listener questions across a range of important issues. Where can we find hope for the future of reproductive rights? How soon will people feel the impact of so many recent ultra-conservative judges appointed to the lower courts? And what beverage pairs well with a delicious criminal indictment? Listen and subscribe to find out.

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Boom! Lawyered: A Dude Is Suing an Alabama Abortion Clinic for ‘Wrongful Death’…of an Embryo

Ryan Magers is suing the Alabama Women’s Center for wrongful death because his girlfriend, who was 16 at the time, got an abortion—with the consent of her parents—against Magers’s wishes. How is this even possible? And how does this case fit into the ongoing anti-choice campaign for “fetal personhood?” Boom! Lawyered hosts Imani Gandy and Jessica Mason Pieklo have those answers and more. 

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Boom! Lawyered: Myth-Busting the Anti-Choice ‘Born Alive’ Bills

Anti-choice politicians are pushing a new legislative strategy to demonize their opponents and confuse the public: so-called Born Alive bills. In this episode of Boom! Lawyered, Rewire.News legal eagles Imani Gandy and Jessica Mason Pieklo dissect the myths propping up this strategy and give you all the tools you need to combat anti-choice lies about later abortion.

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Boom! Lawyered: The Cohen Hearing vs. the Kavanaugh Hearings

An unforgettable day of testimony on Capitol Hill began with Republicans demanding a do-over because—wait for it—they didn’t get documents on time. For anyone who followed the Kavanaugh hearings, that might be funny if it wasn’t so sad. And that was just the beginning!

In this emergency episode of Boom! Lawyered, Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy discuss some of the most pressing legal questions and concerning developments from Michael Cohen’s day of testimony before the House oversight committee.

Boom! Lawyered: Clarence Thomas Wants to Blow Up Defamation Law

This week, the Supreme Court declined to take up an appeal by Kathrine McKee, a woman who publicly accused Bill Cosby of raping her more than 40 years ago. As part of this decision, Clarence Thomas issued an alarming concurring opinion that may signal the start of a prolonged attack on the First Amendment in the courts. In this episode of Boom! Lawyered, Rewire.News legal experts Imani Gandy and Jessica Mason Pieklo explain how this fight may take shape and what could change forever if Thomas’s position wins out.

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Boom! Lawyered: Federal Funding to Discriminate Against LGBTQ and Non-Christian Families?

In several states, there are evangelical adoption and foster care agencies trying to keep federal funding while refusing to place children in LGBTQ or non-Christian families—and now the Trump administration may help them. Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy break down who’s behind these discriminatory efforts and what they mean for kids and parents around the country. 

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Boom! Lawyered: The John Roberts Abortion Conundrum…Resolved?

Last night, the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 to block an anti-choice law in Louisiana from taking effect while it is being challenged in the courts. John Roberts was the deciding vote. Yes, you read that correctly. Is this a one-time thing, or does this signal that Roberts is moving to the middle on abortion? And what’s next for abortion rights in Louisiana and around the country? Rewire.News legal experts Imani Gandy and Jessica Mason Pieklo speak with Center for Reproductive Rights senior counsel T.J. Tu to explore those questions and more on the latest episode of Boom! Lawyered.

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Boom! Lawyered: The Supreme Court Head Fake on Abortion in Louisiana

The Supreme Court issued a stay against an anti-choice law in Louisiana—but only for a few days, perhaps? In the latest episode of Boom! Lawyered, Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy try to make sense of this puzzling move by the Court and what might happen next.

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Boom! Lawyered: The John Roberts Abortion Conundrum

The Fifth Circuit has teed up a big test for Chief Justice John Roberts in a case out of Louisiana that involves hospital admitting privilege requirements for abortion providers. If Roberts respects precedent as much as he says he does, the law should be dead in the water. But is it? In this episode of Boom! Lawyered, Rewire.News legal experts Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy explain the case and why it’s the abortion rights fight to watch right now.

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The Breach—’We Don’t Heal from It.’
Episode Five: The Blackfeet Alternative

Season Four of the The Breach explores one central question: What happens when drug use during pregnancy becomes a felony?

Throughout Season Four of The Breach, we’ve explored the racial and political agendas behind the push to treat substance use by pregnant people as a crime rather than a health issue. We broke the news of law 240-D in Fort Peck, Montana, the harshest law of this kind found to date. We met Reneé, a woman jailed under 240-D. We’ve examined the ongoing challenges facing tribal governments as they grapple with high rates of substance use. And we’ve delved into the myths and contradictions of the drug court model in which Reneé and others can find themselves trapped.

In our final episode of the season, we take you to the Blackfeet reservation in northwest Montana for a glimpse at a compassionate alternative to criminalization.

This is Episode Four. Click here for the full series.

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