The Breach: How the United States Is Poisoning Native American Communities

Award-winning journalist Suzette Brewer discusses the issues facing Native American communities in the era of President Donald Trump. At reservations all over the country, water is being poisoned as toxins from mines seep into the local water supplies. And now the Trump administration wants to dramatically increase drilling on public lands, putting even more tribes at risk.


What Else Happened? Charter School Segregation and Clinic Defenders on High Alert

Kat Jercich & Regina Mahone

Kat and Regina discuss the news that charter schools are more racially segregated than other public schools, Wisconsin is in the running for being the first state to drug test food stamp applicants, and Illinois has launched a new program to combat the opioid crisis. Also, Regina chats with Jasmine Sherman, a clinic defender with Pro-Choice Charlotte, about why she believes Charlotte has become an epicenter for abortion clinic harassment.


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