Is President Trump Living Up to His 100-Days Plan?

As President Donald Trump completes the first 100 days of his presidency, Rewire compares his lofty action plan to the alarming reality of his actions. Is this the worst 100 days of any modern president? Watch this video and decide for yourself.


The Resistance in Photos: Trump’s First 100 Days

Lauryn Gutierrez

As a photojournalist, I have toted my camera to at least 27 marches and actions since Inauguration Day—many of them organized by “ordinary” citizens who felt called to demonstrate for their rights, the well-being of their children, the safety of their neighbors, and the humanity of strangers. The ability to elevate the voices, faces, and stories […]


The Breach: Trump’s New Drug Czar Will Make Things Worse

Lindsay Beyerstein

This month, the White House leaked that Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa) was in the final stages of vetting to become the nation’s Drug Czar. Marino’s record as a prosecutor and legislator is in line with the punitive approach Donald Trump has promised to tackling illicit drugs. Drug policy expert Sanho Tree explains why a border wall won’t stop drugs from coming into the country and why our most pressing drug problem, the opioid overdose crisis, was caused by the very prohibition-oriented drug policies that Trump favors.


‘Thanks to the EPA This Isn’t Acid Rain’: The March for Science in Washington, D.C.

Lauryn Gutierrez

On a soggy Saturday, thousands of people gathered to march in a “celebration of science.” Held on Earth Day, the March for Science was a nonpartisan event, as anti-science policies from both sides of the aisle “harm everyone,” the organizers stated on their website. Under the Trump administration, scientific agencies are expecting to see severe funding cuts, while research data has disappeared from public […]


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