CHOICE/LESS — Dr. Nicola Moore: If Not Me, Who?

Dr. Nicola Moore travels across the country to provide abortions at clinics where laws have made it nearly impossible to find providers in those areas. She has faced harassment and intimidation, but anti-choice threats haven’t stopped her from helping to make abortion accessible. Listen to her story now on CHOICE/LESS.


Protesting Presidents’ Day in Washington, D.C.

Lauryn Gutierrez

On Monday, February 20, #NotMyPresidentsDay protests happened across the country. Organizers in the nation’s capital hosted a hometown resistance to President Donald Trump: Nearly a thousand people gathered in Washington, D.C.’s DuPont Circle during to voice their displeasure with the current administration. The crowd heard remarks from activists, including candidates for government representatives, Native Americans who had […]


CHOICE/LESS – Cherisse Scott: So Why Am I Here?

Jenn Stanley

Fourteen years ago, Cherisse Scott was a singer finishing a national tour. The career she'd worked so hard for all her life was about to blossom. Then an unplanned pregnancy and a trip to what she thought was an abortion clinic changed all of that. Listen to her story on this episode of CHOICE/LESS.


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