Julie Davids and David Munar

CHAMP and AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Julie Davids is a Rhode Island-based
organizer, research advocate and policy advocate. Currently, she is
Senior Consultant at the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP),
coordinating the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance and assisting with
the Prevention Research Advocacy Working Group. 

She also co-chairs the Federal AIDS
Policy Partnership (FAPP) and is an External Expert on the Strategic
Working Group (SWG) of the Division of AIDS at NIAID. 

She learned the ropes of AIDS activism
from the leaders of ACT UP Philadelphia in the first-wave HIV/AIDS direct
action protest movement. During that time, she worked on campaigns for
needle exchange, health care access, research issues, and the rights
of people of all genders. She served on the Community Constituency Group
(CCG) of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), where she sat on the
Perinatal Transmission Committee.  

She co-founded Project TEACH (Treatment
Education Activists Combating HIV), which provides activist and leadership
training for people living with HIV at Philadelphia FIGHT, and served
as the first community organizer for Health GAP, an activist group dedicated
to eliminating barriers to access to HIV/AIDS treatment around the world.

David Ernesto Munar is a local
and national leader for sound public policy on HIV/AIDS.  A person living
with HIV, Munar joined the staff of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago in
1991 and is currently the group’s Vice President.  He serves on the
board of directors of the Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative
and the AIDS Action Council, where he chairs its Policy Committee.  He
is active on several federal advisory committees with the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Resources and Services Administration,
and the National Institute on Allergies and Infectious Diseases.  In
2007, Munar worked with other AIDS advocacy leaders to form the Campaign
for a National AIDS Strategy, and he remains actively involved with
its Coordinating Committee.  This year, he worked with the Community
HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project and SisterLove to launch the Prevention
Justice Alliance, which advocates for cross-disciplinary responses to
the social and structural factors amplifying HIV-related health disparities
in the U.S.  Munar is bicultural, bilingual and a first-generation
Colombian-American.  He received his B.A. from Northwestern University. 

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