Battles Over Women’s Reproductive Rights Rage All Over Nation

Rewire Editor in Chief, Jodi Jacobson, joined Sonali Kolhatkar on Uprising radio to discuss the 43 anti-woman bills that have passed state legislatures in 2013, with a special focus on Texas, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

About to become measure number 44 is Texas’ controversial abortion ban. Just a few weeks after Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis famously helped to kill an anti-abortion bill via an epic filibuster, it was revived by Gov. Rick Perry this week and passed by the state house yesterday.

In Wisconsin, a judge has blocked enforcement of an abortion bill after groups filed a lawsuit against it.

And North Carolina lawmakers will vote today on a bill on motorcycle safety, to which, bizarrely, anti-abortion legislation has been attached.

These are only a fraction of the battles raging over women’s reproductive rights all over the nation.