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‘Roe’ Revisited: The Path From Texas to SCOTUS for HB 2

Imani Gandy & Jessica Mason Pieklo

A new timeline from Rewire illustrates the history of HB 2, the omnibus anti-abortion bill passed by Texas conservatives in 2013, and the court fight leading to today's Supreme Court order.

On Friday afternoon, the United States Supreme Court granted review of Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, one of two cases that looks at the constitutionality of hospital admitting privileges and ambulatory surgical requirements, two provisions of Texas’ omnibus anti-abortion law. Anti-choice legislators insist such policies promote patient health and safety, but in reality they are designed to close abortion clinics.

The timeline below illustrates the history of HB 2, passed by Texas conservatives in 2013, and the court fight leading to Friday’s Supreme Court order.

If the Roberts Court rules against abortion providers and their patients, it could leave Texas with only ten clinics, forcing more than 75 percent of the clinics in the state to close. Mississippi will lose its only clinic, and anti-abortion lawmakers in states that have not yet passed similar requirements will no doubt be emboldened to push for them.

Abortion access nationwide quite literally hangs in the balance.

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