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Wendy Davis to Announce ‘What’s Next’ on October 3

Andrea Grimes

The Texas senator told her supporters in an email Tuesday that she'll announce her future plans—a run for governor is rumored—in early October.

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) told her supporters in an email Tuesday that she’ll announce her plans for the future—a run for Texas governor is rumored—on October 3. In her email, she wrote, “There’s one question I’ve gotten quite often in the past few months. I’ve heard it online, while I’m traveling around the state, from the media, and in my Fort Worth neighborhood: What’s next?”

Ever since her historic filibuster of the Texas senate this summer, in which she obstructed the passage of an omnibus anti-abortion bill during its first pass through the capitol (the bill ultimately passed in a subsequent special session) reproductive rights supporters have rallied behind Davis, who many in the state see as representing a turning tide after more than 15 years of Republican stronghold on statewide offices.

After her filibuster, Davis made the cover of Texas Monthly along with two other Democratic Party superstars in the state, brothers Joaquin and Julian Castro. In the magazine’s opening vignette, she hints at plans for something more than her senatorship:

“Somebody has to step up,” Wendy Davis observed one evening in late May over drinks at the bar of the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin. “As long as the Democrats continue to buy into the same bullshit that some of the Republicans are saying—‘Oh no, it’s Texas, it’s hopeless’—and continue to act like it won’t happen for six, eight, twelve, sixteen years from now, that perpetuates the problem.”

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Based on the early Twitter response to Davis’ announcement, Texas Democrats seem to be very excited about the prospect of that “somebody” being Wendy Davis.

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