Wisconsin Legislators Push for Forced Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

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Wisconsin Legislators Push for Forced Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

Robin Marty

I assume "Woman's Right to Know Her Unborn Child Before She Murders Him or Her and Is Haunted for the Rest of Her Life Act" was too long?

With an anti-choice politicians in most of the major top political rolls in the state, it’s little wonder that Wisconsin abortion opponents are downright gleeful about restricting access to abortion during the 2013 session.

Of course, no one really expected them to be quite so public in their glee.

“We are in a very good place in Wisconsin,” The Capitol Times reports Assembly Speaker Robin Vos saying at a recent Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative Conference, where anti-choice advocates and politicians met to discuss their plans for the year. “We have a pro-life Legislature, pro-life governor in Scott Walker and a pro-life attorney general (J.B. Van Hollen). We can all wrap our arms around this agenda.”

First up in that “arm-wrapping” agenda is a forced ultrasound bill, including use of an invasive vaginal ultrasound for early terminations of pregnancy so that a “heartbeat” can be heard. Wisconsin Right to Life director Barbara Lyons declares that forced ultrasounds are needed “not only [to] save lives…but save women a lifetime of regret,” according to the Times.

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Lyons later explained that it was just critics who would claim that a vaginal ultrasound would be needed, despite the fact that it is virtually impossible to hear a hear a heartbeat without a vaginal ultrasound until at least 10 weeks gestation.

The proposed bill is called the “Woman’s Right to Know her Unborn Child Act,” and unsurprisingly, it is not being embraced with open arms by abortion rights supporters.

“It is not surprising that anti-choice politicians are once again attempting to insert themselves between a woman and her doctor, mandating medical procedures which, in this case, would force women early in pregnancy to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound before obtaining an abortion,” Jenni Dye, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin told Rewire. “Vos, [Senate Majority Leader Scott] Fitzgerald, and other anti-choice politicians in Wisconsin clearly did not get the memo voters sent in November – we are tired of divisive attacks on women and are ready for politicians to focus on jobs and the economy.”

“These anti-choice politicians need to do their own job and stop trying to do our doctors’ job.”